garmin striker 4 plus

Garmin striker 4 plus

Garmin Striker Plus 4 , Garmin Striker Plus 4 Review

Dual-Beam transducer

  • Large display of 4.3 inches
  • Includes GPS navigation system
  • Garmin Quickdraw Contours Mapping
  • Made from rugged substances making it usable in every condition
  • Built-in twin-beam transducer for excessive definition images

If you prefer to include a fish finder in your arsenal, the Garmin Striker 4cv can be the right one for your needs. Arguably, it is one of the biggest devices available in the entry-level category. This fish finder comes with most of these features that are often reachable in greater steeply-priced units. Also, it works nicely enough to meet and even surpass the desires of users.

Garmin Striker 4cv is a fantastically best fish finder for those who are new to fishing electronics. You can use it whether or not you fish from a kayak, a boat, or on top of the ice. This fish finder is quite the same as Striker 4. However, Striker 4cv has ClearVu sonar apart from the CHIRP sonar.

It is exceptional to see various functions in this model; however, it didn’t put Garmin Striker 4cv on the midrange section. Instead, this product is nonetheless an entry-level fish finder having some of those luxurious elements that are frequently accessible in higher-end units.

It is not just an easy fish finder. It does have a GPS device and navigation feature which will make your next fishing experience greater fun and exciting.


Garmin striker plus 4 comes with very fascinating features. One of those is the built-in GPS module. This product and different other fish finders of the Striker Series are a few of the entry-level fish finders in the market that are existing with GPS statistics for users.

It can supply you with an accurate location; however, it can additionally compute and exhibit your speed. You can navigate all over the water with the help of the waypoint map covered in the package.

Aside from the traditional sonar circuit, Garmin Striker 4cv makes use of CHIRP sonar technology for offering terrific photos of the whole thing below the water’s surface. Unlike the normal sonar transducers which are just suitable for few frequencies, CHIRP sonar devices can sweep all over a range of frequencies and generate particular graphics that has awesome separation.
Aside from the ordinary and CHIRP sonar technologies, Garmin striker 4 plus ice fishing additionally comes with scanning sonar functions. This structure of sonar collects a lot greater important points related to the objects under your boat and produces the best images. This will let you respect the best small data of shipwrecks, sunken trees, and substrates higher in contrast to what CHIRP and ordinary sonar technology can provide.

While most fishing lovers mount this system to their kayak or boat, you can additionally use it as a flasher. Its built-in flasher works extremely well if you are fishing vertically via deep water. Also, it will let you decide your trap and the fish, permitting you to the area the bait immediately in the front of the fish.


Looks don’t depend on when it comes to fishfinders, however, the matte-finished body of Garmin striker 4 built-in GPS fish finder is certain to entice your interest in the direction of it.

Garmin made the Striker Plus from heavy navy material that makes it beneficial under any circumstances. It weighs around 318 grams with dimensions of 3.9 x 1.8 x 6.9 inches.

Furthermore, you get a giant display of 4’3” inches in this model. , the most necessary design of the Striker Plus unit is the inclusion of its twin-beam transducer.

Large Display:

The striker plus 4 Garmin offers a massive display of 4.3 inches that graphically indicates all the required data and can be examined even below vivid sunlight.

Mapping Software:

As a fisherman, you will love the fish finder with map storing capability. Because, many of us have had a journey where we visited the same component of sea twice mistakenly, consequently losing our time.

Thankfully, this Garmin finder helps us from this hassle as it incorporates built-in shapes mapping software. You can draw and retail contour maps as you go via areas that you fish. Just clearly get into the “Quickdraw Contours” option and then choose “Start Recording.” Simple as that!

Integrated GPS System:

The Garmin Striker Plus 4 comes with a built-in GPS that helps to word down waypoints. Find a direction around the sea and additionally be aware of one of the most integral elements is the velocity of the boat.

Dual Beam Transducer:

The finder is included with a twin beam transducer alongside a chirp technology that permits producing sonar image of goal separation that is crystal clear and of very excessive resolution. This Garmin striker plus 4 transducer additionally affords to map the very backside of the water with greater precision.

Battery & Compatibility:

One of the nice components of this finder is that it can be used with any 12v, 7 amperes rechargeable battery.
If you trap fishes like me and to earn your bread, the dimension of your fishing can’t be constant up to positive limits. The Garmin Striker is such a device that offers you the independence over the use of it below any circumstance and in most of the fishing boats


If you choose a device that is easy to install and where you do not want to be aware of rocket science to install the equipment, then Striker Plus 4 by Garmin is the ideal system for you.

It is designed in such a way that it can be hooked up in the boat within a couple of minutes with the help of its guide supplied out of the box.

CHIRP Sonar Clarity:

The STRIKER Plus 4 fishfinder consists of Garmin CHIRP technological for greater performance of readability and feature that you have come to count on from Garmin. Crystal-clear sonar imaginary supply extraordinary goal separation and decision in shallow and deeper water!

Bottom contours are extra visible, even at greater speeds, and sign noise can be suppressed at larger depths for a well-timed interpretation of what’s below.

GPS Fishfinder:

The built-in, high-sensitivity GPS finds and keeps your function somewhere you go on the water. The GPS approves you to mark waypoints for different locations. So, if the fish are biting in 1 spot, you can mark it, and return to it on your next trip. Mark docks, boat ramps, and different places on the lake, and create routes returned to them for your next trip.

GPS additionally approves Garmin striker plus 4 fishfinder to exhibit your pace on screen, so you can be sure that you are trolling at the proper pace or in wake-controlled areas.

Built for You:

The STRIKER Plus 4 fishfinder makes fishing a breeze, and it is constructed to work in any environment. The bright, sunlight-readable display offers you a clear view of what is under your boat, even on the brightest days.

And the large display screen offers you a higher view of what is taking place below the boat. The intuitive consumer interface makes it easy to navigate to something characteristic you need, so you are geared up for something on the water.

IPX7 water-resistant function
Maximum Sounding Deepness: 830 toes in saltwater and 1,750 toes in freshwater
320 via 480 HVGA color display
Split-screen zoom capacities
Real-time view of the fish that ignore the beam
Weighs 8.1 ounces
Double-beam and dual-frequency
The bottom lock function indicates the water column from the base upward
Records and indicates water temperature as a design
300-watt RMS power

  • Large display of 4.3 inches
  • Includes GPS navigation system
  • Garmin Quickdraw Contours Mapping
  • Made from rugged substances making it usable in every condition
  • Built-in twin-beam transducer for excessive definition images
  • There is no cover protected with the package
  • Doesn’t come with an NMEA port

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Can I see the speed in the Garmin striker?

Yes, the GPS will exhibit the pace on the display.

Can I use the system to take a look at the depth of cloudy water at exceptional speeds?

The gadget is superbly designed, and regardless of the kind of water and speed, it can exhibit depth due to its twin-beam technology.

Does it show speed?

Yes, it comes with a GPS speed displaying feature

Can I take the system from boat to boat?

Yes, you can cross it from one boat to another. But, why take the pain anyway? Because, you will want to take off its transducer, ten toes transducer cable from the boat and then reinstall it to the different boat.

Does it study depth at excessive speeds?

Yes, however, there can be a bit of lag while at greater speeds.

Final Word:

Garmin striker plus 4 GPS review is amongst the exceptional fish finders made by Garmin from the entry-level category. It has first-rate points that will genuinely add greater excitement and thrill to your fishing activities.

One of these is the ClearVu sonar technological know-how which is a signature characteristic from Garmin. This function is no longer frequent to different entry-level Garmin fish finders.

Aside from these technologies, Garmin Striker 4cv additionally comes with a GPS and different navigation features. However, it does not have charts and an SD card reader. Also, you can’t improve this unit with any charts, because Garmin Striker 4cv is an entry-level device.

No complaints about that, thinking about the exquisite overall performance and elements you won’t discover in different entry-level fish finders. It is effortless to set up and use, so it is genuinely best for a small boat, kayak, or even when you’re on top of the ice.

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